Tech Mahindra, AWS join hands to build a sports cloud platform

New Delhi: Tech Mahindra on Monday announced it has collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build a sports cloud platform.

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The offering focuses on building next-generation digital capabilities for sports organisations and delivering immersive and personalised experiences to sporting enthusiasts worldwide.

“By building Sports Cloud on AWS, we aim to build a personalised, fan-focused community that transcends physical sports,” Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Growth, Tech Mahindra, said in a statement.

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“The platform is positioned to disrupt the sports tech industry by providing opportunities for sports organisations and franchises worldwide to create a delightful fan engagement experience that is built on content and community, leading to commerce,” he added.

Both companies will collaborate to offer a comprehensive digital platform to sports organisations, offering use cases related to content and community engagement, customer data management and audience segmentation, and sports analytics, while delivering immersive stadium-to-home fan experiences by leveraging augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/ VR), and metaverse gamification.

“Our collaboration with Tech Mahindra will enable leading sports organisations to take the fan experience to the next level by creating immersive experiences and providing data-driven insights,” said Samira Bakhtiar, General Manager, Media, Entertainment & Sports, AWS.

The platform will use AWS native services, and specialist AWS services such as AWS Elemental MediaLive for delivering 24/7 linear channels and live events at scale; AWS Elemental MediaConvert for transcoding content for broadcast and multi-screen delivery; Amazon Kinesis Data Streams for storing and ingesting various streaming data in real-time at any scale, etc.

Tech Mahindra will also leverage Amazon SageMaker — a fully managed ML service from AWS that enables developers and data scientists to build, train, and deploy ML models for any use — to power AR/VR video and image analytics and enable fans to experience virtual stadium tours, live events, shopping, and access footage from sporting events.

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