Telangana: Aadhaar Card to be issued to newborns immediately

Hyderabad: No need for running around to Aadhaar centers for getting Aadhaar Card for infants born in Telangana state.  The Central Government had provided an opportunity for obtaining an Aadhaar Card for newborns a year ago. A program has been launched in 70 hospitals of Telangana to issue Aadhaar Cards to newborns.

The state government had identified regional hospitals and maternity homes where more than 300 deliveries take place monthly.  The state government has signed a memorandum with the Aadhaar authority. Till now about 200 Aadhaar cards were issued to newborn babies.  

A pilot program was launched on an experimental basis in the city’s King Koti Hospital to issue the Aadhaar Cards.  After the success of this experiment, it is being expanded across the state.

MS Education Academy

The coordinators for this program have been trained for a month in Hyderabad.  This facility will be available in all districts of the state.

The coordinators will obtain the details of the newborns from parents and coordinate with the Aadhaar authorities to issue an Aadhaar Card in the name of the infant. A black and white card will be promptly issued at the registration of the newborn with the hospital. The colour Aadhaar Card will be sent to the home after 45 days.

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