Telangana fight started because of water: Minister Niranjan Reddy

Singireddy Niranjan Reddy, Telangana minister for Agriculture, spoke to a gathering on his third day of tour in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. The minister spoke about water being used in the fields, saying that water was why the Telangana fight started 14 years ago.

He said that water flowing from the Godavari river would flow into the ocean, without realizing its full potential. “By constructing three barrages on the Godavari river, we’re navigating it backwards.” He said that because of the Kaleshwaram project, 40 lakh farm acres are now getting water.

The minister added that along with free uninterrupted electricity for agriculture, they are also providing a lot of help to farmers with the Raithubandhu and RaithuBhima schemes.

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He said that the 1.25 lakh acres of banana plantations in Jalgaon was impressive and they would promote such banana agriculture in all of Telangana.

He said that they would send farmers of Telangana to observe how bananas are grown, and if just a few would turn towards cultivating bananas, others would follow.

Ajith Jain of Jain Micro Drip Irrigation and Plastic Park, said that there should be change in farmers’ ideology. “We’re trying to turn farmers toward lentil and oil seeds agriculture. There is also an international demand for Aflatoxin-free peanuts.”

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