Telangana: Four percent Muslim reservations reduced to 3 in new roster system

Hyderabad: Reservations are provided for better representation of all the communities in education and employment. After the formation of Telangana state, TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao had promised to provide 12% reservation to Muslims in education and employment, but till date, there are no practical steps are taken to fulfill it.

On the other hand, the 4% reservation provided to Muslims in the united Andhra Pradesh seems to be under threat. Although this matter is pending in the Supreme Court, the implementation of reservation in education and employment is still going on.

The government has announced to fill more than 80000 vacancies in various departments and for this roster points system has announced. However, only 3% reservations have been added to the roster points. Under the Telangana State and Subordinate Service Rules 1996, Muslim reservations were reduced from 4% to 3% in the roster points released for direct recruitment.

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The intention of the government does not appear to be in favour of 4% representation for Muslims, so only 3 percent reservations were included in the roster points.

A letter was sent by former minister Muhammad Ali Shabbir to the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary, after which the government issued an explanation in an unclear manner. Although the explanation did not mention the name of any officer or department, the statement was later confirmed by the Chief Secretary’s office. The Chief Secretary, who is in-charge of administration, has claimed that Muslim reservations i.e. BC-E mentioned at 19, 44, 69 and 94th position in the 100-point roster.

Interestingly, there is no modification made in the roster points till date, despite Chief Secretary’s explanation. If the error in the roster points was rectified, the Chief Secretary should have released the details of the revised points to the public. It is reported that the Minority Welfare Department itself has not been sent a copy of the revised roster points till date.

Even the TRS minority leaders in the government did not ask for an explanation from the Chief Secretary on this issue. Somesh Kumar refrained from saying anything more on this matter and said that the government has added 4% reservation in the roster points. Till date, it has not been explained who was responsible for reducing the 3% reservation and why the new roster points are not released if the mistake is indeed corrected. Senior officials of the Minority Welfare Department made the roster points expressed ignorance about and said they did not receive any message from Chief Secretary’s office.  A large number of Muslim candidates will be in loss the corrections are not made.

In the roster points system BC-E is mentioned at 19th, 45th and 94th place, however, BC-B is added at 69th place. A revised roster points table should be issued in order to protect 4% Muslim reservations in the Supreme Court.

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