Telangana: HC lawyers halt protest; 2 more judges transferred

THCAA's president V Raghunath argued that Reddy's transfer was different in nature from that of others.

Hyderabad: Following the Telangana High Court Advocates Association’s (THCAA) protest over the alleged arbitrary transfer of justice A Abhishek Reddy, the Supreme Court (SC) collegium transferred two other judges of the Telangana High Court. The THCAA interestingly has however stated that they will not be protesting this time around.

Judge Lalitha Kannegati has been recommended for transfer to Karnataka High Court while Judge Dr D Nagarjun will be sent to the Madras High Court. Earlier this week, the THCAA had protested against the transfer of Justice Abhishek Reddy to Patna High Court. They argued that Reddy’s transfer was “whimsical, rash and arbitrary” as the collegium showed no cause to the reason behind such a move.

THCAA’s president V Raghunath argued that Reddy’s transfer was different in nature from that of others. “Justice Lalitha and Justice D Nagarjun were appraised of their transfer in September. They also had a say in where they would be transferred to. However, Justice Reddy’s transfer came out of nowhere,” Raghunath told

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On Monday, a delegation of the THCAA met with Chief Justice of India (CJI) Justice DY Chandrachud to discuss the transfer. Justice Chandrachud said that he would look into the matter and advised the lawyers to return to work so as to not let their clients suffer. The Gujarat High Court bar association had also met with the CJI against the transfer of a Gujarat High Court, Justice Nikhil Kariel.

While as of the moment Justice Kariel is likely to remain in Gujarat, the transfer of seven judges from various courts (of which three are to leave Telangana High Court), went ahead.

Pasham Krishna Reddy, an advocate and Vice-President of THCAA said that at the very least, the grievances of the Telangana lawyers should have been heard. “A proper review of our grievance should have been done and communicated to us,” he said.

When asked if they plan on resuming protests, Raghunath said that they would now be adopting a long-term program of trying to convince the Supreme Court to relook at the appointment and transfer of High Court judges. He argued that the program was necessary to develop a healthy relationship between judges and the Bar.

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