No drunk driving checks in Ramzan, only Hindu festivals targetted: Bandi Sanjay

‘Why the disparity? What happened to all the rules? Why separate laws for them (Muslims) and everyone else?” Bandi asked.

Hyderabad: Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Bandi Sanjay Kumar on Sunday alleged the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) government of ‘favouritism’ towards the festivals celebrated by the Muslim community and asked why there were no ‘drunk and drive’ checks during the Ramzan time in the old city area of Hyderabad.

Speaking at the ‘Mulugu polling booth Sammelan’ held by the saffron party on Sunday, Bandi demanded to know the reason why the police have not conducted any drunk and drive checks in the old city area whereas they ‘loot the common man’s pockets’ for the rest of the year with ‘exorbitant’ challans.

The BJP president said, “They close all shops during the Hindu festival times but during the festivals of other religions they don’t care if the shops are opened at the wee hours of the day”.

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‘Why the disparity? What happened to all the rules? Why separate laws for them (Muslims) and everyone else?” he further asked.

Sanjay said that the BJP took up AIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi’s challenge of holding a meeting in the Old City.

“Recently two party workers were attacked on Sri Rama Navami, we will see to their end. If there are attacks on our party workers, if there is a danger to the Hindu religion, we are not cowards that will take permission… We will replace the green flags with saffron flags,” said the BJP state president.

“Shall we stay mum while the foreigners mock us for not being able to build a Ram Mandir in a country where Hindus constitute 80 percent of the population?” he added.

Bandi demanded that CM K Chandrasekhar Rao should come out with a white paper on what his government had done for tribals in the last nine years.

Calling it an attempt to hoodwink the Scheduled Tribes he said that KCR had promised to implement 12 percent reservation for STs but deliberately avoided it by linking it to Muslims.

Sanjay accused KCR of cheating tribals once again by not providing title deeds for Podu lands. “Even for the establishment of a tribal university at Mulugu, KCR did not allot any lands yet,” he said.

Drawing parallels between the KCR and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bandi Sanjay said, “While as many as 12 STs were accommodated in the central government’s cabinet, KCR has just one ST minister.”

Alleging that KCR and his family, which was confined to a residential building at Nandinagar, had amassed huge wealth running into thousands of crores, the BJP president said the family was running liquor trade with hundreds of crores while parking thousands of crores in foreign countries like Dubai and Muscat.

He alleged that KCR caused the state to go bankrupt by borrowings over Rs 5 lakh crores. “If he is voted to power again, he would borrow another Rs 5 lakh crore and turn the people of this state into beggars,” he said.

Bandi further accused the BRS of ruling Telangana on the lines of Bengal by terrorising the opposition leaders who are critical of the state government. “Hundreds of BJP leaders were thrown behind the bars. We are not afraid of jails. Very soon, we are going to establish Rama Rajya and drive away KCR and his family,” he added.

Bandi said that BJP was working to convert the entire Hindu society into a strong vote bank.

Addressing the people in the sammelan he said, “Do you want the BJP which celebrates the victories of India or the BRS which celebrates the victory of Pakistan?”

He alleged that BRS, Congress, and Communists were colluding to defeat the BJP to prevent it from coming to power in the state and at the Centre. “BJP was like a lion. The party will not have any alliance with other parties,” he said.

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