Telangana: Police, Intelligence keep an eye on Zakat during Ramzan

Hyderabad: It is becoming increasingly difficult for religious seminaries in the country to receive donations during the month of Ramzan and in different states of the country, especially in south Indian states, the police and intelligence department is keeping a special watch on the general zakat.

In Hyderabad city, people from different states of the country, especially Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and other states come to collect zakat during the month of Ramzan, however, this time police is collecting their arrival among other details.

According to sources, the information is being collected on the basis of reports and incidents of receiving donations for fake madrassa students in mosques by the so-called officials of madrassas in the state of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

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The police department is examining whether the foreign religious seminaries that are visiting the city during the month of Ramzan belong to the real madrasas or not. Police officials say that some people are collecting zakat by roaming around, however, complaints are being received about them that they are not part of the madrasas but are misleading the public, so steps are being taken keeping a special eye on such people.

Action will also be taken against those who depute innocent children outside mosques or in the courtyard of mosques to collect donations.

Normally a major chunk of the zakat money is cornered by madrassas. In recent years there is a demand in the community to use the zakat fund to facilitate modern education.

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