Telangana: Probe on sinking Medigadda barrage, KLIS structural integrity

In four months, the committee will deliver its report to the national dam safety authority.

Hyderabad: The state government requested that the National Dam Safety Authority (NDSA) form a six-member committee to investigate and study the Medigadda, Annaram, and Sundilla barrages of the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS).

The committee, led by J Chandrashekar Iyer, a former chairman of the Central Water Commission (CWC), will investigate the reasons behind the Medigadda barrage pillars sinking as well as any potential causes of distress in the two upstream barrages.

In four months, it will deliver its report to the NDSA.

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The committee will consult with the project’s stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the site’s challenges and determine the hydraulic, structural, and geotechnical features of the three barrages.

In addition, project data, drawings, test results from design memos, site investigation reports, barrage inspection reports, and other materials pertaining to the planning, building, quality assurance, and control of three barrages will be examined.

The committee will also communicate with the government, public sector, and even private sector organizations that oversee the site assessments, designs, and upkeep of the three barrages. The panel will suggest actions to be taken, additional research to be done, and ways to address and lessen the distressing circumstances, as well as ways to stop them from happening again.

Three piers of the Medigadda barrage were discovered sinking during the night of October 21, 2023. Consequently, the NDSA deployed an experienced team to carry out its initial round of inspections in compliance with the Dam Safety Act of 2021. In order to begin repair work, the Congress government has asked the NDSA to conduct a new analysis of the barrage structure.

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