Telangana: Several students injured in alleged teacher assault at govt school

Parents lodged a formal complaint against the teacher at the local police station

Hyderabad: A government school in Karimnagar’s Karkhanagarh witnessed a distressing incident as multiple students suffered injuries due to an alleged thrashing by a teacher. The incident has sparked outrage among parents, leading to protests and demands for immediate action against the teacher.

According to police reports, the incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon when Tirupati Reddy, a teacher, reportedly locked the classroom and proceeded to physically assault a group of class 8 students. The teacher allegedly used sticks to brutally beat the students, accusing them of creating chaos in the classroom.

Outraged by the incident, both ABVP leaders and concerned parents gathered near the school to protest the inhumane treatment of innocent students. The parents lodged a formal complaint against the teacher at the local police station, demanding swift action and the teacher’s suspension.

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Upon being informed about the incident, Circle Inspector Srinivas arrived at the school premises and engaged with the protesting students. During the interaction, a parent stepped forward and lodged a formal complaint against the teacher, asserting that his daughter and 24 other students were subjected to the teacher’s brutal assault.

In response to the complaint, the police promptly registered a case against the accused teacher. The injured students were immediately provided with necessary medical attention and first aid at a local hospital. Authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident to gather further details and ascertain the circumstances that led to the assault.

The Education Department is also actively involved in the matter, with plans to conduct an inquiry into the teacher’s behavior. Following the inquiry, appropriate departmental actions will be recommended to address the situation and ensure the safety and well-being of students.

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