Telangana: TRS protests for reopening of CCI factory in Adilabad

Hyderabad: Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) leaders and activists, led by Adilabad Municipal Chairperson Jogu Premender, held a protest on Wednesday, demanding that the Centre reopen the Cement Corporation of India (CCI) factory, which has been closed for decades.

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TRS activists marched from the MLA’s camp office in town, culminating in a rasta roko at Punjab Chowk on the old NH-7.

Premender demanded that the Union government reverse its orders to sell the bankrupt firm’s machinery, claiming that the Centre has been negligent in its treatment of the cement industry, which offers work and livelihood to thousands in Adilabad district.

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The demonstrators stated that they would continue to demonstrate until the cement facility was reopened. They remembered BJP officials promising to reopen the plant in the run-up to the elections. They said that Hansraj Gangaram, the then-Minister of State for Home Affairs, had frequently promised the media that the plant would be reopened, but that all of these pledges had been forgotten.

Meanwhile, TRS MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha slammed the Union government’s move to auction the Cement Corporation of India (CCI) properties in Adilabad. In a statement issued on Wednesday, she requested that the Centre rethink its decision, citing the impact on thousands of families.

She wanted an explanation from the Centre on whether the money raised from the CCI sale in Telangana will be re-invested or used to build new factories to create jobs.

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