Telangana: Typhoid on rise because people are eating roadside panipuri, says DPH

Hyderabad: Telangana Director of Public Health G Srinivasa Rao stated that the state is experiencing an increase in typhoid cases due to people becoming ill after eating panipuri sold by roadside vendors who lack hygiene.

In a press conference held on Tuesday, the DPH urged people to avoid eating street food during the rainy season. “In the month of July alone, 2,752 typhoid cases were reported in the state,” he said.

He asked panipuri vendors to make the recipe with boiled water. “Even vendors must ensure that the selling points on roads are clean and free of flies and mosquitoes,” he said.

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Rao joked that eating panipuri costs Rs 10,000 for hospital bills but one only needs to spend Rs 10. He urged private hospitals to avoid turning away patients by advising against pointless lab tests. “People become ill with monsoon-related illnesses like typhoid, cholera, and malaria,” he said.

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