Telangana: Zero enrolments in 54 colleges, 50% PG seats remain vacant

Hyderabad: Over half of the Post Graduation (PG) seats in Telangana remained vacant in the academic year of 2021-22. Out of 44,604 PG seats in the state, only 22,855 seats were filled, according to the Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE).

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The number of vacant seats is not due to the lack of demand for the courses but because of the high number of seats available in the state.

“This year, same as the past seven years, 54 colleges had zero enrollments. Considering the request of college authorities, we are not cancelling these seats. Many courses also remain only on paper which are counted as vacant seats,” said R Limbadri, chairman of TSCHE to Times of India.

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According to TSCHE, all the seats won’t be filled even if admissions are given to all the candidates who cleared entrance exams.

Despite an increase in enrollment every year, the number of vacant seats are higher than the number of filled seats in courses like MA and M.Com. In MA, out of 10,625 seats, 4,859 seats were filled, and in out of 9,592 seats, 3108 seats were filled. However, the number of seats filled is higher than the number of vacant seats in M.Sc.

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