Tere Bin season 2 on cards? Read here!

Tere Bin, starring Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali, finally got concluded on Thursday, July 6th

Hyderabad: After months of anticipation and countless emotional twists, one of the most loved Pakistani drama ‘Tere Bin’ reached its conclusion on July 6th. The last episode left fans rejoicing as they witnessed the long-awaited reunion of Meerub and Murtasim (played by the talented duo Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali), their favourite on-screen couple.

Emotions ran high as viewers cheered for the triumph of love and overcame the obstacles that had kept them apart for so long. The overwhelming happiness that filled their hearts now echoes across social media platforms, with fans expressing their elation and gratitude for the beautifully crafted storyline.

As the buzz of the finale settles, an undeniable desire begins to emerge within the fandom. Tere Bin fans are now wishing to experience the enchanting tale once more in a second season.

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Tere Bin Season 2 Rumours

Speculations are rife that the show may return for another season. Yes. you read that right! According to Buzz, the show’s makers may come up with an altogether new storyline and plot for season 2, featuring a whole new cast. Perhaps there will be more happily ever afters to witness.

The potential of a second season might be a breath of new air for some viewers who want to see this programme in a different direction. In addition, Wahaj aka Muratsim stated in one of his recent interviews that ‘there will be more in the future’.

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