Tiffin centres in Hyderabad’s Old City a growing trend

Realizing the potential of a food joint in old city, youth from Andhra Pradesh in Telangana setup small tiffin centers or bandies.

Hyderabad: In a full swing in change in food habits, tiffin centres in Hyderabad are getting more popularized, especially in the in Old City.

The Andhra breakfast idli, dosa, upma sold once on the bandis is now prepared and dispensed at small hotels and the silver lining is that the eateries are managed by local youth who are turning entrepreneurs.

Until recently, tiffin bandis were run and managed by youth hailing from villages of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Realizing and noticing the business potential, the local youth invested small amounts and started the business.

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“After initial problems the business picked up. I earn upto Rs 800 a day. It is sufficient for now,” Hameed, who worked previously at a sweets shop said.

Hameed is one of the many youngsters who are eying the growing food industry and testing their luck amidst a growing demand for tiffin centres in Old City, Hyderabad.

The youngsters who can arrange fatty amounts are starting fast food centres and stalls while those with lesser amounts eye idli, dosa and decoction beverages stall.

Mohd Rasheed, a resident of Kalapather started a decoction stall at Misrigunj road after leaving his job at a garage. “Payment was low, so I decided to drop out of the job and set up the decoction stall. Earnings are between Rs 600 and 700 daily. I am confident earnings will increase as the stall becomes popular,” said a confident Rasheed.

Youngsters are learning to prepare prepare fast food items like burgers, pizza, rolls and similar food stuff to sell them at small fast food joints in Hyderabad. Some even hire chefs for the business.

“They tie up with food aggregators and deliver at door steps of customers. Locally there are not many who supply fast food through food delivery apps so there is good business,” said Rizwan, who runs a fast food stall at Chandrayangutta.

Ice cream stalls are a major hit with summer approaching. New stalls have come up at small investments of Rs 3 to Rs. 3.5 lakh. Social media platforms come handy for promotion of these businesses.

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