Tomato prices dip significantly in Hyderabad

Earlier, tomato prices soared in Hyderabad due to heavy losses in crops

Hyderabad: Tomato prices, which surged following the recent rainfall in Telangana and other states in India, have witnessed a significant dip in Hyderabad.

The prices that had soared up to Rs 200 per kg have now dropped to Rs 60-70 per kg in the retail market.

The drop in tomato prices took place after sales volume dropped drastically, as people in Hyderabad were not buying them and instead focusing on other vegetables.

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Earlier, tomato prices soared in the city due to heavy losses in crops in other districts of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra from where the vendors import them.

Due to the surge in prices, even many restaurants and eateries had started cutting down on the use of pulpy fruit in food preparation.

Now, as tomato prices have started declining, the situation will return to normal with a rise in sales volume and the return of the pulpy fruit in food preparations in restaurants and eateries.

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