TSRTC rental bus owners may go on strike from tomorrow

The key concerns raised by TSRTC rental bus owners include overcrowding.

Hyderabad: TSRTC rental bus owners have decided to go on strike from January 5 if their concerns are not promptly addressed by the Telangana government.

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Their primary apprehension revolves around the increasing number of passengers attributed to the recently launched Maha Lakshmi Scheme.

Concerns of TSRTC rental bus owners

The key concerns raised by TSRTC rental bus owners include overcrowding, which they claim will lead to mileage issues.

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Additionally, they express worry about insufficient insurance coverage, fearing potential severe financial losses in case of accidents if the bus limits are exceeded.

Maha Lakshmi scheme

The Maha Lakshmi scheme, announced by the Telangana Congress during the election campaign, aims to provide several benefits to Telangana women, including financial assistance of Rs 2500 per month, gas cylinders at Rs 500, and free travel in TSRTC buses.

While the first two promises are yet to be implemented, the government has already introduced free travel in TSRTC buses. According to TSRTC, since the inception of the Mahalakshmi scheme, approximately 6.50 crore women in the state have availed themselves of free travel in state-run buses.

However, the concerns raised by TSRTC rental bus owners regarding overcrowding have prompted their decision to go on strike on January 5 unless the government addresses these issues promptly.

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