Turkish FM Cavusoglu says US bullying Saudi Arabia over OPEC

Lift sanctions on Iran if you want lower oil prices, says Turkish foreign minister.

Ankara: Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that what he described as the ‘bullying’ of the United States against Saudi Arabia regarding the decisions of the OPEC+ union to reduce oil production, is an incorrect act.

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This came in statements made by the minister, on Friday, in the state of Mersin, southern Turkey, in which he said, “We see that there is a country threatening Saudi Arabia. This bullying is not right.”

Turkish foreign minister continued, “Lift sanctions on Iran if you want lower oil prices, you cannot solve the problem by threatening one country (referring to Saudi Arabia).”

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“Turkey is not happy with the price increase, but we are not using the language of threat,” Cavusoglu said. “The whole world needs Venezuelan oil and natural gas, and there is an embargo on Iranian oil.”


It is noteworthy that US President Joe Biden has threatened, in statements to CNN, “that there will be consequences for Saudi Arabia and what Russia did.”

The statement came in response to the OPEC+ alliance, led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, to reduce oil production by two million barrels per day, starting from the beginning of November.

In response to all the American statements, which included describing the decision as siding with the Kingdom in international conflicts and that it was a politically motivated decision against the United States, an official source in the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “First of all, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would like to express its complete rejection of these statements that do not It is based on facts, and mainly depends on trying to portray the OPEC+ decision outside its purely economic framework, a decision that was taken unanimously by all the countries of the OPEC+ group.”

He added, “The Kingdom affirms that the outputs of the OPEC+ meetings are adopted through the collective consensus of the member states, and no country is unique in it without the rest of the member states, and from a purely economic perspective that takes into account the balance of supply and demand in the oil markets and limits fluctuations that do not serve the interests of producers and consumers on the both, which is what the OPEC+ group has been doing.”

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