Ukraine crisis: 30 women volunteer to feed their soldiers

“I know what it is like to be hungry. It is very important to feed others, even those you don’t know,” says a volunteer who bakes bread for the Ukrainian army. A citizen of the country, she decided to stay back in war-torn Ukraine along with 30 other women to render her services for the army.

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Earlier, these women used to work as IT professionals, teachers, drivers. But the war has brought them together to fight for their country that is being bombarded with continuous Russian bombings and shelling.

The women work in a small house that used to be a shelter for domestic violence survivors. Now it hosts women and children displaced by the war.

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Speaking to DW News, lead volunteer Marta Levchenko says that war can bring out the best abilities in a woman, “Women do the same as men. Our women are at the frontline. Our women fight and also die.”

Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24 from all three sides –land, sea and air – invoking the biggest European war since World War II. It has also led to strong condemnation from the Western and European countries. Strong sanctions were laid on Russia the recent being the United States refusing to buy its oil exports. While there have been rounds of peace talks between the Ukrainian and Russian delegates, their efforts have so far led to nothing.

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