UP cops deny whereabouts of activist Javed Muhammad; family distressed

The family of the central working committee member of the Welfare Party of India, Javed Muhammad reportedly has no idea about his whereabouts, following his illegal arrest by the Uttar Pradesh police on June 11.

Javed was arrested and lodged in Naini Central Jail, in Uttar Pradesh, following the violent protests that broke out in Prayagraj (known as Allahabad). He has been accused as the main conspirator in the case, and as a result, his house was demolished, on June 13, by the authorities under the pretext of ‘illegal construction’.

In a letter addressed to the public Javed’s wife, Parveen Fatima, under whose name the now-demolished house was registered, has expressed the family’s concerns over his safety and health.

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Parveen said that the police who had implicated her husband with cooked-up allegations and false charges has denied his presence in the jail. “The family and the lawyers have been trying to locate him since early morning but as of yet the officials of Allahabad district and of Naini Central Jail have failed to assure us of my husband’s whereabouts,” she added.

According to a few media reports, several inmates including Javed have been transferred to several jails across UP and he may have been transferred to Deoria jail without informing the family or his lawyers. However, they have not received any confirmation over the same.

“No official confirmation has been given to us or our lawyers,” said Parveen.

“The Allahabad administration has been bypassing all procedures to incriminate and harass our family. This highhandedness of district and jail officials is worrying to us,” concluded Javed’s wife, Afreen.

UP Violence and Javed’s incrimination:

Javed Muhammad, an activist with the Welfare Party of India, was declared the prime accused by the Uttar Pradesh police in connection with the protests that broke out in Prayagraj after the Friday prayers (June 10) during a rally condemning the remarks of ex-BJP spokespersons Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal against Prophet Muhammad.

On June 11, the police arrested Javed and detained his wife – Parveen Fatima and one of their daughters. A heavy deployment of police was placed near their house that night.

The Prayagraj district administration posted a notice stating that the construction of 25 x 60 feet was done without getting permission on the ground and first floor. It was in violation of provisions of the Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning and Development Act, 1973.

The notice dated June 10 was issued on June 11, the night before the demolition, leaving no time for the family to think or understand the situation.

On June 12, India watched in horror the demolition of a house that stood strong for over 20 years. All razed down to a pile of rubble within a span of an hour.

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