Uttarakhand: Hindutva goons demolish Mazar; claim it was built on state land

This is not the first time Radha used violence using the narrative "Hindus khaterein mein hai" (Hindus are in danger).

A Mazar (Muslim shrine) was demolished by right-wing worker Radha Semwal Dhoni and her colleagues claiming it was built on state land. The incident happened in Uttarakhand.

A video has emerged where two men are seen breaking the shrine with hammers.


Radha Semwal Dhoni posted the video on her officials Facebook page with the caption:

MS Education Academy

रजिस्ट्री दिखाओ मजार बचाओ

उत्तराखंड देवभूमि है यहां देवता ही वास करेंगे

प्रकृति कुछ बोलती नहीं भाइयों लेकिन

((( जोशीमठ केदारनाथ धारी देवी)))

याद है ना अगर ज्यादा गंदगी करोगे तो भुगतना भी पड़ेगा

Which translates to:

Show the registry and save the shrine

Uttarakhand is the land of gods, only gods will reside here

Nature does not speak anything brothers but

((( Joshimath Kedarnath Dhari Devi)))

Do you remember, if you do too much dirt, you will have to suffer.

This is not the first time Radha used violence employing the narrative “Hindu khaterein mein hai” (Hindus are in danger).

On February 1, another video went viral on Twitter where Radha can be seen hurling abuses and assaulting three Christians, including a woman accusing them of religious conversion on the pretext of taking tuition classes for children. The incident happened in the Jhajra district of Dehradun.

In the video, she asks Manish to give her his number. In the meantime, Radha moves to Neha, who is sitting quietly next to Manish, and asks her how much money was she paid for converting people.

As Neha remains calm and silent throughout Radha’s verbal abuse, she suddenly gets slapped by the latter. Shocked, Neha’s colleague Jimmy questions Radha only to get more abuses in return.

“I have just raised my hand. I will start kicking you people out of here,” she shouted. When Jimmy resisted her abuse, she bawled, “Don’t you dare irritate me. I will smash you like potatoes if you talk.”

The three were taken to the police station for enquiry.

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