Video: 2 arrested for calling Karnataka village ‘Chota Pakistan’

The Mysuru police on Friday took two men into custody for questioning in connection with a video that surfaced on social media recently where a few people referred to Kavalande village, in Karnataka as “chota Pakistan.”

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It is to be noted that a 40 second video had gone viral on social media. Qite a few pro-Hindu groups began sharing the clip widely among their circles. A group of men can be heard saying “Yeh bhi Paksistan hain… chota.”

In response to the above, another man recorded a video saying, “Kavalande bhole tho Chota Pakistan, theek hain,” a few other can be heard raising slogans in the background. On Friday two teams of the Mysuru police arrested two accused.

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They police have collected voice samples of the youth and are verifying the audio samples in order to match them with the video. Police said they have detained the youth for interrogation based on local intelligence. The voice samples are yet to be matched with the viral video and as such the veracity of it cannot be confirmed.

Discussing the incident, Sri Rama Sene chief Pramod Muthalik demanded strict action against the accused. “If the government fails to do so, we will launch Kavalande Chalo,” he told the media.

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