Video: Woman assaults traffic home guard in Banjara Hills

She physically assaulted the traffic home guard by tearing his clothes and seizing his phone, who was recording the incident.

Hyderabad: A traffic home guard was allegedly assaulted by a woman in Banjara Hills while on duty here on Saturday, February 24. The incident was captured on camera and widely shared on social media platforms.

According to reports, the woman was stopped by the traffic officer while driving her Jaguar in the wrong direction.

However, instead of cooperating, the woman became upset and loudly abused the home guard for impending her path. Despite bystander attempts to intervene, she continued her hostile behaviour.

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“I know I’m on the wrong route, and many other people are taking the wrong route too,” she is heard in the viral video.

The situation escalated when she physically assaulted the traffic home guard, who was recording the incident on his phone. She tore his clothes and seized his phone.

After the assault, the traffic home guard lodged a complaint at the Traffic Home Guard Banjarahills Police Station, documenting the attack and presenting evidence via the widely circulated video footage.

A case was registered and further investigations are on.

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