Video: Youth steals cash from Gullu Dada’s Biryani Restaurant in Hyderabad

Gullu Dada's call for counseling is pertinent and highlights need to address root causes of the issue.

Hyderabad: Gullu Dada’s Biryani which is a well-known restaurant at Masab Tank, Hyderabad became the target of theft on March 5. In the incident, a young man forcefully entered and stole cash, electronic items, and a tab.

Following the incident, Adnan Sajid Khan who is popularly known by his stage name Gullu Dada shared the CCTV footage on his Instagram handle.

Gullu Dada expresses concern

Sharing the footage, he said that the young folk who are becoming thieves either due to unemployment or drug addictions need counseling.

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He also urged the family or friends of the youth who committed theft at the Gullu Dad’s Biryani at Masab Tank, Hyderabad to conduct his counseling so that he does not indulge in major crimes in the future.

Theft is punishable with a term of up to three years

Theft is a prevalent crime in India. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data indicates that theft accounts for a significant percentage of all crimes in the country.

Various forms of theft exist, including vehicle theft, burglary of homes and businesses, and pickpocketing or snatching of valuables in crowded public areas.

The Indian Penal Code (IPC) criminalizes theft, and its penalties vary depending on the severity of the offense. Section 379 of the IPC stipulates that theft is punishable with imprisonment for a term that can extend to three years or a fine, or both.

Theft at Gullu Dada’s Biryani restaurant in Hyderabad is not an isolated incident

While the incident of theft at Gullu Dada’s Biryani restaurant is unfortunate, it is not an isolated event. Unemployment and drug addiction among youth in India result in theft cases.

Gullu Dada’s call for counseling is pertinent and highlights the need to address the root causes of this issue.

Furthermore, the theft at Gullu Dada’s Biryani restaurant in Hyderabad underscores the need for businesses to adopt stringent security measures to protect themselves against such incidents.

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