Viral video of ‘jihadis’ mixing toilet cleaner in pani puri scripted

According to the AFP fact check, the video creator said that the story was scripted and aimed to make people aware of food safety issues.

Amid all the atrocities against Muslims and Hindus, another prominent controversy erupted through a video, where a man seeing mixing toilet cleaner (Harpic) into the flavoured water of the Indian snack (Pani puri) went viral, however, later it was proven to be false.

A video was shared on social media stating, “A jihadi named Zubair was feeding people by mixing toilet cleaner in the water of the Pani puri. If you buy anything from Jihadis you will risk losing your life,” a Hindi-written tweet claims with the video on July 12. In the original tweet, that now stands deleted, jihadi refers to Muslims. The video was also shared on Facebook.

However, AFP fact-check claims that the video is false and was scripted. The actual video was posted on a Facebook page, Gyan Bhandar, on July 7, 2022.

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According to the AFP fact check, the video creator said that the video was scripted and aimed to make people aware of the food safety issue.

The page’s description stated, “Please keep in mind I make only scripted videos to save people from fraud and to make them aware.”

The Hindi-language caption of the video stated, “See how people’s health is being put at risk.”

It also adds a disclaimer that states, “This video is a complete fiction, all the events in the video are scripted and made for entertainment purpose, it does not promote any kind of activity or defame any kind of ritual. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.”

The video itself does not contain any text to indicate it is scripted or made only for entertainment purposes. The page’s owner, Rocky Ratnesh, told AFP, “All our videos are scripted and made for entertainment and awareness purposes. This is mentioned in each video and the page’s ‘about’ section cover photo and video also.

“It is not our intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments at all. The name of the boy acting in the viral video is Suraj. He belongs to the Hindu community. It was never our intention to spread hatred,” he added.

Original Video:

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