Warangal: Private schools over charge fees, parents outrage

Hyderabad: The management of many schools in Warangal particularly those running multiple branches at the Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWHC) are charging extra fees.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the schools adopted a soft approach but now they are back to their old ways. They are collecting huge money in the name of fees.

Private schools are not allowed to conduct admission or entrance exams. However, according to them a proficiency of a student can be known only through these tests.

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Lashing out at the school administration’s lavish demands, B Devender, whose daughter needs to get admission in the 9th standard, quoted by Telangana Today said, “Conducting tests to know the skills and subject knowledge of the students in the class that he/she had passed out may be acceptable to some extent. But they are collecting huge amounts of fees for the tests. The management of a popular school that has three branches- two State syllabus schools in Hanamkonda, and one CBSE school on the Hunter Road- has conducted the test on Sunday (May 1) and collected Rs 800 for each student as the test fee. This is nothing but looting the financially disadvantaged sections.” 

He further stated that when he questioned the school administration about this, they did not behave properly with him and shouted at him in front of other parents.

Many schools are collecting Rs 5,500/- for registration fees and Rs 82,000/- as tuition fees for the sixth standard. With transportation fees, the figure crosses to one lakh.

D Suresh, who runs a Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) has urged the state government to whip the crazy amount of fee-charging by private schools.

“Due to lack of supervision or monitoring by the officials of the education department and district official machinery, the private schools are plundering the parents with high fees. They are also cheating the people in the name of Olympiad, International, Global, and Competitive Orientation schools though they should use any suffixes or prefixes to the schools. The corrupt officials are helping the private schools,” he said.

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