Watch: Ramdev threatens journalist over fuel hike question

Yoga master and businessman Baba Ramdev lost his cool and threatened a journalist for questioning his previous stance on increasing fuel prices in the country.

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The journalist had questioned the Patanjali brand ambassador about his previous comments wherein the latter had said that people should consider a government that can ensure petrol for ₹40 a litre and cooking gas at ₹300 a cylinder, reported NDTV.

However, when asked about it, Ramdev lost his cool and responded, saying, “Yes, I said it, what can you do? Don’t keep asking such questions. Am I your thekedar (contractor) who has to keep answering your questions?”

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Over videos that surfaced on Twitter, Ramdev was seen losing his cool as he was caught off guard by the journalist’s questions.

When the journalist persuaded Ramdev, he shot back, “I made the comment. What will you do now (ab kya kar lega)? Just shut up. If you ask these questions again it won’t be good. You shouldn’t be so insolent. you must be the child of decent parents.”

When the journalist asked the question again, a visibly upset Ramdev, pointing at the journalist, shot back, “I made the comment. Now I don’t. Ab kya kar lega (what will you do)? Just shut up. If you ask again, it is not good. Don’t speak like this, you must be the son of decent parents.”

Amidst rising fuel prices, at an event in Haryana’s Karnal, Ramdev, defended the hike by the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government claiming that the government needs to collect taxes for development and stated that one must work harder to earn more money.

“The government says, if fuel prices are low, they won’t get tax, then how will they run the country, pay salaries, build roads? Yes, inflation should go down, I agree… But people should work hard. Even I wake up at 4 in the morning and work till 10 at night,” Ramdev said, followed by applause from his supporters.

Petrol and diesel prices were raised by 80 paise a litre each on Wednesday, taking the total increase in rates in the last nine days to ₹ 5.60 per litre.

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