What is the ‘Father of All Bombs’ that Russia may use against Ukraine?

Also known as aerosol or vacuum bombs, they clear out everything in the area they detonate, including including buildings and humans.

As the war between Russia and Ukraine intensifies after the former’s military offensive against the latter, more deadly weaponry is being transported into the country in Russia’s attempt to bring back the states that were once a part of the Soviet Union.

Among other weaponry that is being transported into Ukraine by Russia, the Thermobaric bomb, TOS-1, which is called the ‘Father of All Bombs’ was spotted by the arms and munitions intelligence specialist N. R. Jenzen-Jones.

“Broad range of military equipment seen in RUS invasion, including TOS-1 series thermobaric multiple-barrel rocket launchers. Whilst strikes have been relatively limited thus far, the TOS-1 has potential for serious HR violations, especially given RUS use history (e.g., Chechnya),” tweeted Jenzen.

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The 44 metric tons of TNT equivalent that uses oxygen from the surrounding air to generate high-temperature explosions are considered to be the most deadly non-nuclear bomb that is generally used to clear out spaces at large.

Also known as aerosol or vacuum bombs, they clear out everything in the area they detonate, including buildings and humans.

What is the effect of the bomb?

Apart from Jenzen, who said that the bombs were used by Russian in Chechnya, Professor of Ethics, Peter Lee, the University of Portsmouth in his article for The Conversation in 2016 alleged that Russia used the same deadly bombs in Syria and explained its working and effects.

“Imagine taking a deep breath then submerging yourself in water. Then imagine having all of the oxygen forced instantaneously from your body. Try to inhale again. But instead of cold water filling your lungs, toxic, flammable particles start killing you from the inside out,” explained Lee.

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine War

The Russian army has launched coordinated missile attacks on several Ukrainian cities including the capital city Kyiv, on Thursday in Europe’s worst conflict in decades that was launched by Vladimir Putin.

A number of World leaders have condemned the invasion and imposed sanctions against Russia, however, they have left little to no impact on the war-driven country. The US, EU, UK, and other allies have reportedly agreed to remove some Russian banks from the Swift payments system.

Germany also announces it is sending anti-tank missiles and other weapons to Ukraine – marking a major change in policy.

A curfew has been put in place from Saturday to Monday morning after Russian missiles hit an oil depot in Vasylkiv, its mayor said, which has prompted fears of toxic fumes. Anyone who is seen on the street during the curfew will be treated as a Russian “saboteur”, said the capital’s mayor.

A large number of people have already fleed Ukraine, while some attempt to flee the war-struck country with a 27-hour-long queue of women and children, on the Moldovan border.

Heavy street fighting took place in Kyiv on Saturday as officials urged locals to take immediate shelter. Kyiv was struck by two missiles. As many as 198 Ukrainians, including three children, have been killed since the invasion began.

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