Yemen: Houthi Militia attacks Taiz city, breaks truce

The Iran-backed Houthi militia continues to resist the terms of the truce which came into effect in April.

Al-Mukalla: The Iran-backed Houthi Militia undermined the UN-brokered truce, on Tuesday, by launching coordinated attacks on the besieged city of Taiz.

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The Houthi Militia bombarded the government troops with artillery fire, heavy weapons, and explosive drones on the northwestern, northeastern, and northern sides of the Taiz city before launching three simultaneous ground attacks in an attempt to take control of new areas.

According to an Arab News report, Col. Abdul Basit Al-Baher said, “The Houthi attacks sparked heavy clashes with the national army troops that ended early on Tuesday.”

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Reportedly, the terms of the truce stated that the government of Yemen and the Houthi militia will work jointly to open the roads in Taiz and other provinces. However, the Houthi militia continues to resist the terms of the truce which came into effect in April. Houthi is avoiding national and international calls to end the siege on Taiz.

Furthermore, according to Al-Baher, the Houthi militia had recently deployed at least 200 new fighters, tanks, and artillery pieces in Taiz, in preparation to launch more attacks and capture the city centre from government forces.

“The truce is only from our side,” Al-Baher said. “The Houthis have not respected it and are preparing for a long and fiercer battle in Taiz.”

Despite two rounds of discussion between the government of Yemen and the Houthi militia on opening the roads in Taiz, Houthi insisted on opening only small and unpaved roads.

Furthermore, in an attempt to breakthrough, UN envoy Hans Grundberg proposed opening the main road and four small roads during the current round of talks. The Yemeni government accepted the proposal but the Houthis delegation asked for time to discuss it with their leaders.

In order to alleviate the sufferings of thousands living under siege, UAE permanent representative to the UN, Lana Nusseibeh called on Grundberg to intensify efforts to open the main road in Taiz.

Nusseibeh further added that despite the truce, the Houthi militia continues to mobilize and indoctrinate extremist ideas in children living across the areas they control.

The UAE envoy also commended Saudi Arabia for contributing $10 million toward the salvage operation of the stricken tanker FSO Safer, which poses an environmental risk.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US ambassador to the United Nations, said that now is the best opportunity for peace in Yemen, and said that President Joe Biden’s visit to the region next month will seek to build on the progress already made.

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