Zoya Khan’s murals amplify voices of Kashmir’s unsung heroines

Mural, a first of its kind in Kashmir, features the portraits of women karigars

Srinagar: In an effort to promote the work of Kashmiri artisans and acknowledge the significant contributions of women in the artistic field, Zoya Khan, an architect-artist leading the international organization Fearless Collective, has unveiled a groundbreaking mural in Srinagar.

The mural, a first of its kind in Kashmir, features the portraits of women karigars (craftswomen) who have made a profound impact in the handicraft industry.

The awe-inspiring artwork, now the 52nd mural created by the community-driven Fearless Collective, serves as a celebration of the unsung heroines of the city.

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Funded by the NGO itself, the mural art has quickly become the talk of the town, with numerous visitors flocking to the site to inquire about its origin and significance.

Zoya Khan, the visionary artist behind the project, emphasized the importance of showcasing the art at such a scale in Kashmir.

She said, “The art of mural painting is universal, but this is the first time we have brought it to Kashmir on such a grand scale. Our objective is to provide recognition and appreciation to the incredible women Karigars of Kashmir, who have played an instrumental role in shaping the name of this region.”

The mural vividly portrays women artists who have established themselves in the handicraft industry, symbolizing their artistic prowess and dedication.

Zoya Khan expressed her admiration for the women depicted in the mural, affirming that they have been instrumental in carrying the traditional craft forward.

“In the past three days, we have witnessed a steady stream of visitors coming to the site, inquiring about the mural and expressing their admiration for the women portrayed in it. These women are the real stars of our city, and it was our mission to honour their invaluable contributions,” Zoya Khan remarked with a smile.

The Fearless Collective’s mural not only showcases the talents of women artisans but also aims to raise awareness about the immense potential and talent in the artistic landscape of Kashmir. The artistic initiative embodies empowerment and pays homage to the rich heritage of the region’s handicrafts.

Zoya Khan’s Fearless Collective has been leading various such projects across the globe, promoting social causes and empowering marginalized communities through art. With each mural, they strive to create conversations and advocate for the upliftment of underrepresented groups.

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