56 pc Indian employees trust their bosses to teach AI skills: Report

Job security (37 percent) and positive work culture (36 percent) are top priorities for Indian employees.

New Delhi: More than half of Indian employees (56 per cent) believe their organisations will teach them skills they need to adapt to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, compared to the global average of 45 per cent, according to a report on Wednesday.

The global talent report by consulting firm Mercer, is based on insights from over 12,000 C-suite executives, HR leaders, employees and investors globally, including from more than 500 employees in Indian organisations.

About 46 per cent Indian employees said their organisations are good at communicating how AI will improve their work, compared to the global average (37 per cent). However, only 23 per cent believe their leaders are embracing AI, compared to 16 per cent globally.

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Compared to other countries (42 per cent) Indians were also found keen to receive regular feedback (50 per cent) on their performance.

Job security (37 per cent) and positive work culture (36 per cent) are top priorities for Indian employees.

“In the era of India’s digital transformation, embracing a digital-first culture is not just a choice, but a necessity for businesses. By prioritising digital technologies, organisations can drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and build a resilient foundation for success and future growth,” said Sukhmeet Singh, Talent and Transformation Leader of Mercer India, in a statement.

“AI has the potential to revolutionise the way skilled talent is developed in India by unlocking the potential of human capital, empowering them to acquire new skills, enhance their capabilities, and drive innovation,” he added.

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