AAP blames BJP for Manipur violence, dubs PM ‘incompetent’ for failing to restore peace

"Manipur is burning for over one-and-a-half months but PM Modi is silent. He has not even uttered the letter 'M' of Manipur so far," the AAP leader said.

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party on Sunday blamed the BJP for the violence in Manipur and dubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi incompetent for the government’s failure in restoring peace and normalcy in the northeastern state.

“Peace and tranquillity in the country will remain a far cry so long as the BJP is in power,” AAP Rajay Sabha MP and national spokesperson Sanjay Singh said at a press conference here.

More than 100 people have so far lost their lives in the ethnic violence that broke out a month ago between the Meitei and the Kuki communities in Manipur.

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“Manipur is burning for over one-and-a-half months but Prime Minister Narendra Modi is silent. He has not even uttered the letter ‘M’ of Manipur so far,” the AAP leader said.

Questioning Modi’s silence, Singh said the prime minister is incompetent and wants to lead the country towards ruin. “He does not have any agenda or vision. He does not have anything else to do,” the AAP leader charged.

“Spread hatred and rule this is the formula the BJP and Prime Minister Modi have been applying to continue in power,” Singh alleged.

The MP also dubbed the BJP as “the biggest factory of hatred” in the country, and said there will be “no peace in the country so long as there is BJP”.

“BJP has become ‘Bharatiya Jhagda Party’. The BJP’s sole objective is to ruin this country by spreading hatred and inciting violence, creating divisions among people on the lines of religion, caste and sects,” he alleged.

“Manipur is witnessing violence due to the hatred spread by the BJP in the state,” Singh added.

The AAP leader asked the prime minister to cut short his foreign tour and visit Manipur to resolve the prevailing tense situation in the state.

“Look at the situation in India. Visit Manipur and resolve the prevailing situation,” the AAP leader said addressing the prime minister.

“These are your people who are being killed. These are your people whose houses were set on fire. It is very unfortunate and sad that you are still silent,” he added.

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