Adil replies to Rakhi’s ‘fridge’ comment: ‘Don’t want to be Sushant’

Rakhi Sawant alleged that her husband is having an extra-marital affair with another girl

Mumbai: A few days ago, Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant levelled allegations against her husband Adil Durrani Khan and accused him of cheating. She alleged that her husband is having an extra-marital affair with another girl.

Rakhi even claimed that she brought Adil to fame and helped him financially and instructed the media not to give publicity to Adil. Amidst all this mess, Adil finally broke his silence by dropping a long note on his Instagram. Adil’s Instagram story read, “Doesn’t mean if I don’t talk about a woman back I am wrong. It’s only because I respect my religion and I have learned to respect women. The day I open my mouth and speak what I am going through and what is she doing with me she can’t even open her mouth after that. So the only reason she wants to come every day is to tell people that Adil is bad and bad.”

His story further reads, “The way she tell’s I’ll be in fridge even I can say I don’t want to be Sushant Singh Rajput.”

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It seems that Adil actually replied to Rakhi Sawant’s statement as the latter earlier said that she does not want to end up her life in the fridge, hinting at the Aftab Poonawala-Shraddha Walker case. He also rubbished Rakhi’s claims of helping him financially. He wrote, “A sensible guy like me who stood for her who give her a life style and everything easy to tell he didn’t come with 1 rupee to Mumbai. Hats off to you nice exit plan but not smart enough.”

Rakhi and Adil got secretly married last year on May 29 and they revealed it publically this year. Netizens are reacting to the statements of the couple and a few suggested they should part ways instead of creating a non-sense buzz every day in the media while others urge them to sort out differences and live happily. 

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