AISEC condemns removal of lessons on Bhagat Singh, Vivekananda

Hyderabad: In the response to the re-revision of school textbooks from Class 1 to 10 in Karnataka the State All India Save Education Committee (AISEC) president Allamaprabu Bettaduru has issued a release stating that textbooks are meant for imparting scientifically accepted world knowledge to children.

“We vehemently condemned the removal of lessons on Bhagat Singh & Humanist thoughts of Vivekananda; instead, impose the speech of RSS founder K B Hedgewar,” said the president of AISEC, Bettaduru.

“Textbooks are meant for imparting scientifically accepted world knowledge to children. The syllabus, curriculum & textbooks are to be done by educationists, teachers & experts with impeccable professionalism towards education,” read the statement from AISEC.

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The AISEC said that it is deplorable that the BJP lead Karnataka state government has undemocratically doctored the school textbooks in the state with the help of a “so-called committee with questionable credentials”.

They questioned the integrity of the re-revision committee and the government stating that the re-revised textbooks (Social Science textbooks from class 6 to class 10 & Kannada language book Class 1 to 10) are yet to be available in the public domain.

“It is highly condemnable that the school textbooks are becoming the mouthpiece or a platform for BJP & Sangh Parivar to propagate their obscurantist, skewed and divisive ideology,” they stated.

They claimed that the BJP-led state government’s objective is to stunt the rational and scientific thinking among children and create a fertile ground for sowing the poisonous seeds of communal hatred.

According to the release, the textbook revision committee has removed important texts such as famous renaissance writers including Bhagat Singh, A N Murthy Rao’s “Vyagra Geethe”, P Lakesh’s ” Mruga mathu sundari”, Sara Abhubakar’s “Yudha” etc from the aforesaid textbook and has included lessons which are inclined with the thinking of the ruling party.

“It is condemnable that they have even removed a lesson on Swami Vivekananda, which depicts the humane, anti-communal thoughts of this great man! As Vivekananda was scathing against bigotry & communalism, Sangh Parivar fear the humanist face of Vivekananda!” stated the AISEC.

They termed the removal of the lesson on great martyr Bhagat Singh, and its replacement with a speech of RSS leader Hedgewar ‘Who should be our ideal man’, as a great insult to Singh and the ‘glorious’ freedom struggle.

“For our children, can there be a greater “individual ideal” than Bhagat Singh? Or Can there be a greater ideal than the “Idea” of establishing an exploitation-free society which was the dream of Bhagat Singh. Alas! a speech which discards both, the great revolutionaries and the glorious liberation struggle as an ideal has been prescribed as a lesson in our schools,” read the statement from AISEC.

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