Amid outcry over Hillary Clinton collab, Malala voices support for Palestine

Malala was criticized for collaborating with Hillary Clinton who is an outspoken supporter of Israel’s war against Hamas.

After severe backlash over collaboration with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Pakistani Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai voiced her support for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The statement came after social media labelled Malala as a “sellout” expressing disappointment in her collaboration with Clinton, an outspoken supporter of Israel’s war against Hamas, for a Broadway musical titled “Suffs”.

“I wanted to speak today because I want there to be no confusion about my support for the people of Gaza,” Malala wrote in a post on Instagram.

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“We have all watched the relentless atrocities against Palestinian people for more than six months now with anger and despair. This week’s news of mass graves discovered at Gaza’s Nasser and al-Shifa hospitals is yet another reminder of the horrors Palestinians are facing.”

She continued, “It is hard enough to watch from afar – l don’t know how Palestinians bear it in their bones. We do not need to see more dead bodies, bombed schools and starving children to understand that a ceasefire is urgent and necessary. I have and will continue to condemn the Israeli government for its violations of international law and war crimes, and I applaud efforts by those determined to hold them to account. Publicly and privately, I will keep calling on world leaders to push for a ceasefire and to ensure the delivery of urgent humanitarian aid.”

“When we see alarming signs of genocide, we cannot wait to take decisive action. We must work together to urge our leaders to stop these war crimes and hold perpetrators to account,” she added.

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