BJP scared of media, Congress sees journos as allies: Rahul Gandhi

Adoni: “I am also under attack,” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi quipped here on Wednesday, when a reporter asked him about the growing attacks on the media in the country.

He said the Congress believed in a free discussion.

“Do you notice there are so many attacks on me, nationwide? You know there are attacks on me my image,” the Wayanad MP observed during an interaction with media personnel at his Bharat Jodo Yatra camp here.

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“Congress has the courage to face journalists. We are not scared. BJP doesn’t like to face the truth and is scared of journalists,” he pointed out.

Gandhi asked, “Have you ever seen the Prime Minister having such a press conference?”

The Congress has a culture where it see journalists as its allies.

“We want information and understand what’s going on. We see journalists as people who give us information to govern and not as people who should be silenced, he added.

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