Christmas Vacation: Best beaches, hill stations near Hyderabad

Many people plan parties and get-togethers, while others seek a more tranquil escape, opting for quick travel vacations during the Christmas break

Hyderabad: December has arrived, bringing with it the warm and festive spirit that fills the air during this joyous holiday season. As the month unfolds, people across the globe eagerly anticipate the last week, a time of merriment, Christmas celebrations, and a joyful welcome to the upcoming year. Many people plan parties and get-togethers, while others seek a more tranquil escape, opting for quick travel vacations during the Christmas break.

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For those in search of offbeat travel ideas near Hyderabad, exploring serene beaches and picturesque hill stations can be the perfect winter getaway. These destinations offer a delightful blend of tranquility and scenic beauty, creating an ideal setting to unwind and embrace the holiday spirit. Scroll down and check out the list.

Best Beaches Near Hyderabad

Suryalanka Beach, too, is among the nearest beaches for Hyderabad residents. With stunning views of sun, sea and sand, this place is also popular for dolphin spotting during November-December. Situated in Guntur District, it can be reached within 6 hours of drive as it is around 320 kms away from Hyderabad.

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1. Vodarevu Beach

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The Vodarevu Beach is located in Andhra Pradesh and is known for its tranquil setting and water sports. People often play volleyball here too. One can enjoy the lighthouse and pay a visit to other popular nearby beaches from here. It is located around 308 kms.

2. Manchilipatnam

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The beach is located around 340 kms away from the city and one has to travel through the serene roads to reach here. The beach has black soil not sand and you would find out the best seafood options here. It will take around 6 hours to reach here.

3. Yanam

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Yanam beach is around 480 kms away from Hyderabad. It is a popular overnight destination and you can have an amazing time under the sky with your friends here. You get to see a replica of the Eiffel Tower that also houses a restaurant and experience a panoramic view of the beach and Yanam town of Puducherry.

Best Hill Stations Near Hyderabad

1. Ananthagiri Hills

Whenever you feel like getting rid of the hustle bustle of the city to recharge yourself, do visit Ananthagiri Hills. The hill station is located only around 75 km from Hyderabad. It is the most visited hill station near Hyderabad and one has to travel through the dense forests and gurgling streams that make one feel peaceful.

Enjoy here trekking, rock climbing, balancing boards, spider web and Tarzan swing. Your historian friend can spend time watching Araku Tribal Museum where the life of indigenous tribes of the Eastern Ghats is on display.

2. Srisailam

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The place offers various adventurous treks and is located around 125 kms away from the city. The hill station is located in Nandyal district of Andhra Pradesh and is also popular for sightseeing.

You have to travel between mystical thick forests and to experience Decaan. You can see caves , tiger reserve, waterfalls, temples etc. You can have a great boat experience here too.

3. Nallamalla Forest

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With quiet, green forests and pristine water, Nallamalla forest is a lesser-known hill destination. It is situated around 233 km away and one can also witness streams and waterfalls on the terrains here.

The calm waters of the manmade Cumbum Lake and interaction with locals will give you the feel of tribal life. In the Nallamalla lies the village which is totally around 190 kms away from Hyderabad and it is known as ‘Eegalapenta’ . The village is a magnificent tourist destination and you can relax here.

4. Horsley Hills

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Horsley Hills is the hill station that offers visitors a series of activities to do here. You can enjoy rock climbing and other adventurous sports at this hill station. The 150-year-old giant Eucalyptus tree here attracts every tourist as it has become the hot photo spot. Home to a wide range of avian species, the hill station will provide you an opportunity to get a glimpse of the yellow-throated bulbuls and rare black eagles.

The hill station is located in Chittoor (AP) which is around 514 km away from Hyderabad.

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