Cinema ticket prices set to drop drastically in Saudi Arabia

The move aims to boost cinema growth, audience engagement, and establish Saudi Arabia as a regional filmmaking hub

Riyadh: The Saudi Arabian Film Commission has announced a reduction in licensing fees for operating cinemas, which is expected to significantly decrease cinema ticket prices.

The decision, approved by the Film Commission Board of Directors chaired by Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, aims to boost growth, audience engagement, and establish Saudi Arabia as a regional filmmaking hub.

The commission has simplified the licensing process and reduced fees for various cinema operations, including permanent, temporary, and special needs cinemas.

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The commission is encouraging cinema operators to offer discounts and promotions to attract more moviegoers.

This is expected to increase the number of cinema halls, make Saudi films more easily accessible, and encourage more people to go to cinemas across the Kingdom, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

It is dedicated to enhancing Saudi Arabia’s cinematic landscape, fostering economic growth, and promoting cultural diversity in the industry.

The CEO of the Film Commission, Abdullah Al Qahtani, stated that these measures aim to align Saudi cinema with international standards and promote its sustainability and growth.

X users expressed satisfaction with the decision to support cinema, increase screens, increase economic contribution rates for companies, and promote film culture in the Kingdom.

One of the user wrote, “A good and wonderful step, hoping that this initiative will support Saudi businessmen to enter the field of film investment.”

Social media users have proposed various measures to enhance public access to cinema and boost their desire to attend it.

“We also demand the cancellation of the electronic reservation fees for tickets, and a reconsideration of the prices of food and drinks,” wrote another.

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