CM Revanth challenges BJP’s Raghunandan to show development in Dubbak

He also criticised BRS Medak candidate P Venkatrama Reddy for "forcefully" acquiring the lands of farmers for Mallannasagar and Ranganayakasagar reservoirs during the BRS regime.

Hyderabad: Telangana chief minister A Revanth Reddy challenged BJP candidate for Medak Lok Sabha segment M Raghunandan Rao to disclose how many funds and projects he has been able to bring to Dubbak, the constituency which he represented as the MLA.

Addressing a street corner meeting in Medak town before Congress candidate Neelam Madhu filed his nomination papers with the returning officer on Saturday, April 20, Revanth said that he was ready to take a Congress delegation to Dubbak by bus to see for themselves how much the constituency has developed, as promised by Rao before the by-election which he had eventually won.

“When Congress was in crisis, the people of this region elected Indira Gandhi from this parliamentary segment. From 1999 to 2024, either BRS or BJP represented Medak. Except for the industries established by Indira Gandhi, there is nothing that these two parties have done for Medak. These two parties should seek votes only after explaining to the people how many industries have they brought to this region and what development have they done in the last ten years,” Revanth said.

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He also criticised BRS Medak candidate P Venkatrama Reddy for “forcefully” acquiring the lands of farmers for Mallannasagar and Ranganayakasagar reservoirs during the BRS regime.

On BRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao’s claim that the Congress party was finished, Revanth sought to know whether the former thought Congress was a “full bottle which he would drink and finish.”

“I’m not Jaipal Reddy or Jana Reddy to remain silent and keep watching whatever is happening. If you say you’ll pull down our government, I’ll chase you and beat you up,” he warned Chandrasekhar Rao.

On Rao claiming that 20 Congress MLAs were in touch with him, Revanth quipped wondering what was left in the BRS that could attract leaders from other parties.

Talking about Rs 10 lakh for Arogyasri, Indiramma houses being constructed for Rs 22,500 crore, gas cylinders for Rs 500, and 200 units free electricity for the poor which he said, was being given by the Congress government, Revanth said that unable to digest it, BJP and BRS were conspiring against the Congress.

“For ten years KCR and Harish Rao couldn’t fulfill their promises, but they are asking us to step down hardly 100 days after coming to power,” he pointed out.

He urged the people to elect Congress candidate Neelam Madhu, as he belonged to a backward community (Mudiraju).

Harish counters Revanth’s Medak speech

Reacting to the chief minister’s Medak speech, Harish said that when Revanth was in the opposition he used to say that development happened only in Gajwel and Medak district, but now he says that no development has taken place.

Harish pointed out that carving out three districts from the erstwhile Medak district, a railway line in Medak, irrigation projects like Mallannasagar and Kondapochamma Sagar, and establishing three universities in erstwhile Medak happened only through BRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao.

“If Singur water has touched Medak district it was because of KCR. Stop your palaeolithic statements, open your eyes wide, and see how KCR has developed Medak. If you are interested, come. I’ll show you the development in Medak,” Harish Rao challenged Revanth Reddy.

Also pointing out that Congress MP Rahul Gandhi had stated in Congress’ manifesto that switching parties is wrong, Harish said that Revanth welcoming BRS’ people’s representatives into Congress is a violation of Congress’ manifesto.

Also criticising Congress for not giving adequate representation to BCs to contest the assembly or general elections, Harish said that Congress leader Mothkupalli Narsimhulu was on a hunger strike as he felt that Revanth had done injustice to Madigas.

In support of BRS candidate for Medak Lok sabha segment P Venkatrama Reddy whom Revanth has criticised in his speech, Harish said that it was because of him that lakhs of acres were irrigated in the erstwhile Medak district due to Reddy’s efforts, and as a result of it, State government was able to divert the water from the reservoirs to quench the thirst of the twin cities.

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