Cypherock X1 hardware wallet awarded highest rating by Coin Bureau

This achievement marks the highest rating ever bestowed by Coin Bureau upon a cold wallet.

New Delhi: Cypherock, the pioneering web3 security startup, on Friday announced that its groundbreaking product, the Cypherock X1 hardware wallet, has been awarded an exceptional rating of 4.8/5 by Coin Bureau, the foremost influencer in the web3 and blockchain space.

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This achievement marks the highest rating ever bestowed by Coin Bureau upon a cold wallet.

“Cypherock X1 is a hardware wallet employing encrypted NFC-based cards to store users’ private keys and seed phrases. It offers an industry-leading secure option for those looking to protect their assets and mitigate the risks associated with seed phrases. With portfolio management and the ability to act as a seed phrase vault for up to 4 wallets, the Cypherock is one of the most secure wallets we’ve reviewed,” said Coin Bureau.

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Established in 2019 by Rohan Agarwal and Vipul Saini, Cypherock is on a mission to empower individuals with self-sovereignty, offering unprecedented control over their Cryptocurrencies and digital assets like NFTs.

The Cypherock X1, designed to revolutionise private key management, addresses the core challenges faced by current crypto wallet solutions.

“We are honoured to receive this exceptional rating from Coin Bureau. It validates our relentless pursuit of excellence in redefining crypto security and empowering individuals with true self-sovereignty. We are also proud to be a part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, showcasing the innovation and quality that India brings to the global tech landscape,” said Agarwal.

Cypherock X1 is an open-source hardware wallet for secure crypto storage, embracing transparency and providing users access to the codebase for scrutiny and verification. The wallet underwent rigorous audits by leading security firms KeyLabs and WalletScrutiny, cementing its position as the world’s best hardware wallet for crypto storage.

The Cypherock X1 cold wallet eliminates risks associated with seed phrase backups, offering enhanced security against potential vulnerabilities or a single point of failure.

With Cypherock X1, there’s no need for a seed phrase backup like metal or paper backups.

Users can import seed phrases of up to four wallets and use Cypherock X1 as a seed phrase backup. Not only this, users can also manage portfolios of all these wallets in a single app designed and developed by Cypherock.

With a user-friendly interface, the Cypherock X1 hardware wallet is accessible to both beginners and experienced users.

Emphasising the Coin Bureau rating, and security audit by Keylabs as testaments to their commitment to security, Saini stated, “Our mission is to empower individuals with control over their crypto assets and personal data, and hardware wallets like Cypherock X1 are a crucial step towards achieving that goal”.

The Cypherock X1 features EAL6+ security certification with dual-chip architecture, an OLED display, and a joystick for offline transaction verification, ensuring bank-grade security. The wallet seamlessly integrates with WalletConnect, facilitating connections with favourite dApps for DeFi activities.

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