Dengue outbreak likely to recur if precautions aren’t taken: GHMC

Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has urged residents to adopt preventative measures during the monsoon season to stop the spread of infectious and seasonal ailments.

According to the GHMC press release, there is a chance of contracting infections if the surroundings include the home. It is better to adopt early preventive steps to reduce the spread of infections since mosquitoes can spread serious diseases like dengue, chicken pox, and malaria if suitable precautions are not taken.

The leaders and employees of the GHMC’s entomology department are working to raise public knowledge of mosquito-borne illnesses and the precautions that should be taken to stop the development of seasonal infections.

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GHMC officials also conducted door-to-door fever examinations, used technological fogging operations, and used drone spraying to reduce the proliferation of mosquitoes in lakes, ponds, and other water bodies.

Door-to-door surveys would be conducted in the localities as soon as any dengue positive was registered in order to stop the spread of diseases, and any symptoms found in the samples would be sent to the lab. With the use of the pinpoint software, 642 teams are conducting anti-larvae operations. Every day, 10 portable fogging machines and 64 mounted fogging machines in each circle perform targeted fogging operations.

The GHMC also urged residents to take preventative action by setting aside 10 minutes every Sunday at 10 a.m. to keep their homes and the area around them tidy.

Along with keeping the house and environment clean, everyone has to practise good personal hygiene. Severe joint and muscular pain, a rash on the skin, a strong headache, discomfort in the inner corner of the eye, vomiting diarrhea, gum bleeding hemorrhagic fever caused by dengue.

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