Hyderabad is new Valentine capital? Simpl report says so

The city saw a remarkable 136 percent growth in transactions via Simpl's 1-Tap Checkout.

Hyderabad: In a surprise, Ahmedabad, Pune and even Hyderabad, have become the new valentine capitals with our city taking the lead. All three cities recorded over a 100 percent growth in online transactions, as revealed by the Simpl Checkout Scan report released on Wednesday.

These cities have outpaced other metros, including Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru, in terms of Valentine’s spending.

Hyderabad leads in spending during valentine week: Simpl

From February 1 to 14, pan-India transactions via Simpl’s 1-Tap Checkout witnessed significant growth, with Hyderabad leading the surge. Categories such as food and beverages, quick commerce, travel, beauty, personal care, and electronics were among the most preferred.

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Hyderabad saw a remarkable 136 percent growth in transactions, reflecting a notable shift in consumer behavior during Valentine’s Week.

Social initiatives

Additionally, consumers in Hyderabad actively participated in social initiatives such as Grow Billion Trees, demonstrating their support for environmental causes alongside their spending.

Nitya Sharma, Founder and CEO of Simpl, highlighted the trend, stating, “We have witnessed a significant increase in spending from consumers in Hyderabad, along with other emerging metros like Ahmedabad and Pune. This marks a noteworthy shift in consumer behavior during the Valentine’s Week period.”

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