Dr Gregory Stanton, who predicted Rwandan genocide, warns same could repeat in India

Dr Gregroy Stanton, the President of Genocide Watch has warned that something similar to the inhumane Rwandan genocide could happen in India if stern action isn’t taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Indian government.

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“A gathering of saffron-robed Hindu monks held last month at the north Indian Hardiwar city was exactly aimed at inciting the genocide of Muslims,” said Dr. Gregory Stanton, President of Genocide Watch at a Congressional Briefing organized in Washington, D.C., on January 12, Wednesday.

“As the leader of India, he has an obligation to denounce this genocidal speech… Yet, Narendra Modi has not spoken against it,” he said.

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Gregory H. Stanton is a former Research Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention at George Mason University in the US. He is world-renowned for his work in the area of genocide studies. He is the founder and president of Genocide Watch, the founder and director of the Cambodian Genocide Project and the Chair of the Alliance Against Genocide. From 2007 to 2009 he was the President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars.

While discussing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Islamophobic policies, Amnesty International USA, Genocide Watch, and 17 other human rights organisations in the USA expressed concern at the plight of Muslims in India during the Congressional Briefing.

Experts present at the meeting spoke about how the country is likely to witness mass violence and massacres of Muslims if the situation worsens.

Haridwar hate conclave

It is to be noted that a three-day ‘Dharam Sansad’ was organised in Haridwar on December 17-19, where extremely provocative speeches inciting violence against Muslims were made by participants.

The event held at Ved Niketan Dham in Haridwar, was organised by Yati Narasinghanand, the priest of Dasna temple in Ghaziabad, who is known for his hate-spewing remarks against Muslims.

During his speech in Haridwar, Narsinghanand targeted Muslims and urged Hindus to take up weapons against them. “Swords look good on stage only. This battle will be won by those with better weapons,” the spiteful Yati had said.

Another Hindutva representative from Bihar, Dharmadas Maharaj openly stated that he wished to kill the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for siding with the minorities, especially Muslims.

Anand Swaroop Maharaj, a Hindu leader and the president of Varanasi-based outfit Shankaracharya Parishad threatened a revolt of that of 1857 if the government does not listen to their demands of a Hindu Rashtra. He also threatened people, hotels, and restaurants in Haridwar not to celebrate Christmas or else face consequences.

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