Dr Mona Khashwani becomes first Emirati doctor to perform robotic surgery

Abu Dhabi: A United Arab Emirates (UAE) specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr Mona Abdulaziz Khashwani has become the first female Emirati doctor to perform robotic surgery at Sharjah’s Al Qassimi Women and Children’s Hospital in Sharjah.

Dr Kashwani performs total and supra-cervical hysterectomies and to treat uterine prolapse and fibroids, the Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported.

Khashwani is one of the UAE’s most experienced doctors in the robotic surgery field. She graduated from London’s Queen Mary University in 2005 and was then nominated by the hospital’s Director of Laparoscopic Operations and Robotic Surgery Program, Dr. Zaki al-Mazki al-Shamsi, to join the women robotics surgeons’ program.

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The da Vinci surgical system allows surgeons to perform complex minimally invasive surgical procedures with precision and accuracy. Photo: WAM

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Kashwani said, “I have spent countless hours after my shift using the surgical simulator for training and studying how the robotic system operates. This qualified me to receive a license to perform gynaecologic robotic surgery using the advanced Da Vinci surgical robot from the IRCAD Training Centre in Strasbourg, France.”

She thanked the wise leadership for this opportunity to be among the few citizens who carry out this type of high-precision operation for patients using robots.

She explained that she had gained great experience in the program since its launch in 2019, by learning about the Da Vinci surgical system and how it works in a safe manner.

About Da Vinci

The Da Vinci surgical system is a robotic technology that allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures. Da Vinci Surgical Robot allows a three-dimensional view and magnification of up to 10 times and offers “extreme accuracy”. It has four arms – one for imaging and three for surgery.

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