How ‘Seventh Century’ Iran befooling 21st Century West

After the February 11, 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran the West-dominated global media ran a non-stop campaign that the ancient-looking Mullahs would dragged the country to Seventh Century AD, that is during the time of Prophet Mohammad. This propaganda continued for many years, though the number of its takers elsewhere in the world had declined.

Without holding any brief for the regime in Tehran may one dare to ask: How can a country pushed 1,400 years back rained more than 300 missiles and drones on Israel, considered as
the 51st state of the US, the lone Super Power of the planet? Instead, men in turban and long black robes should have come on camel back armed with swords and spears to fight Israelis.

This is not the first time that Iran has displayed its scientific and technological talent. It is on the threshold of becoming a nuclear power and has made immense development in the space technology. Russia is using its drones in its war against Ukraine.

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Iran and Turkey

Ironically, Ukraine is using Turkish-built drone to attack Russia. Both Iran and Turkey claim that they had sold drones to Russia and Ukraine well before the start of hostility on February 24, 2022.

That Russia, another Super Power till 1991, will buy drones and other arms from Iran speaks volumes about emergence of the latter as a powerful country.

Be it Iran, or for that matter Turkey, the West cannot take credit for this development.

Contrary to this, Iran has throughout its 45 years since Revolution faced all sorts of sanctions. Just after the overthrow of US-puppet Shah of Iran, the country was attacked by neighbouring Iraq, which enjoyed full support of Washington and Arab Sheikhdoms. The war continued for full eight years (1980-88).

Yet facing all odds Iran continued to grow and kept challenging the United States, which Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the Revolution, used to call Great Satan.

It needs to be understood that badly destroyed Britain and France became nuclear powers after the World War-II with the help of the United States which also undertook the massive reconstruction work in Europe after six years of bloodletting and destruction between 1939 and 1945. Israel too clandestinely joined this club with the total help of Washington, which supplies all the arms and ammunition to the Zionist state, created by the same Christianized Western imperialist powers.

While Israel was made nuclear state by the US to threaten the Muslim world, England and Britain were helped to achieve this goal to counter Soviet Union and later China, both of whom became nuclear powers.

Then the same set of gentlemen in the Western capital started preaching the importance of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. In 2003 they used Weapon of Mass Destruction as an excuse to attack and totally destroy Iraq which was incapable to defend itself. The truth was that Iraq was not making any such atom bomb in 2003.

Western hypocrisy

The West calls Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan, as dictatorial and authoritarian countries. They may be so. But what about Shah of Iran, who was overthrown in the Revolution? That was the worst type of monarchy fully backed by the United States simply because he used to serve Washington’s interest and was among the best friends of Israel.

In Iran at least the footballers and other sportsmen and women have the liberty to register their protest against the government in World cup.

Curiously, many in the same ruling establishment of Iran appreciated them. Was that ever possible during Shah’s period or in neighbouring Saudi Arabia and UAE—two of the best friends of the West. What
about the United States which had stripped off the title of Black sportsmen —boxer Mohammad Ali is the most glaring example—for no crime whatsoever.

The military in Turkey staged a coup in 1960 and after a brief trial hanged its democratically elected Prime Minister Adnan Menderes (1950-60) and his finance and foreign ministers. Today no mention is made about this heinous crime simply because the military rulers in that country were the best friends of West. In their eyes the present President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the evil incarnate because he has kept the military out of power.

But once the same ruling regime in these countries embrace the United States and its European allies, they all would be praised to the sky. Is there a washing machine here too?

The problem with the imperialist West is that they are not recognizing that their space in the Middle East—and elsewhere–is shrinking. Till a few decades back Iran and Turkey were the two great friends of Israel in the region full of Arab enemies. Now these two countries, especially Iran, have turned totally hostile to the US and its progeny Israel.

Unlike the Arab rulers in the vicinity, they are championing the Palestinian cause. The propagandists in the West are now struggling to come up with another narrative as these ‘illiterate’ and ‘outdated’ Mullahs are making their life difficult.

One cannot approve or blindly support whatever Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan are doing. But Iran and Turkey at least have regular elections. What about other Peninsular Arab friends? Their human and women rights records are far worse than these three countries.

Is not it the fact that General Sisi of Egypt overthrew the first elected President of that country more than a decade back? This was simply because Muslim Brotherhood, to which Morsi belonged, was not liked by the powers that be in the West.

This is not only the case with Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan. The champions of democracy continued to support the most ruthless dictators in South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia etc for decades simply because they were serving the purpose of the West against Communist Soviet Union and China.

All this ranting by the Western Press did not prevent China and Soviet Union from becoming global powers. But how can the United States have different yardstick to measure different countries.

Thomas Friedman and Bret Stephens

But the propagandists in the West are not going to give up so easily. The very next day of April 13 attack on Israel two ‘great’ columnists of New York Times Thomas Friedman and Bret Stephens came out with ‘fantastic’ articles in this newspaper. Several other dailies and websites (of India too) reproduced them, especially of Friedman. He boasted as to how scientifically advanced Jewish state and its allies had knocked down all the missiles and drones and that Israel has the capability to inflict greater damage on Iran.

What they failed to understand is that they are living in Fool’s Paradise. It was the retired Generals of the US army who came down heavily on the absurd way in which Israel, the US and other allies are taking credit. These defence experts said that Iranians deliberately fired their relatively old, outdated and slow missiles and drones. Is any such attack carried out with 72 hours prior warning? The truth was that the attacks were meant to terrorize Israel and its allies and not to really inflict damage and kill people.

To cancel out their impact the Israel and western armies indiscriminately fired latest missiles many times costlier than the much cheaper Iranian projectiles.

These retired army officers are of the view that Israel have exhausted its extremely expensive missiles and may face a real threat when Iran actually fires its latest missiles and drones—in case of further escalation of hostility.

Have you ever listened to your own Generals Mr Friedman and Mr Stephens of 21st Century?

The Seventh Century clerics have fooled all of you.

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