Human trafficking an increasing concern: Telangana women’s commission

Hyderabad: Chairperson of Telangana State Women’s Commission Vakiti Sunita Lakshmareddy on Saturday said that it was very painful to have so many women and children involved in human trafficking.

The chairperson participated in an awareness seminar on human trafficking organized in Delhi. There, she said that many girls fall into traffickers’ traps under the guises of love or fake job opportunities.

She further said that it is not safe for women who are unemployed or vulnerable after divorce, illiterate, live alone, dream of chances to work in movies, or are attracted to luxurious lives.

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“With the growing supply of drugs and weapons, human trafficking is a growing concern in the world. People are being bought and sold for profit, and the victims are being turned into sex workers. They are pushed into adoption rackets, physical labour, and begging,” she said.

She called on the youth to come forward as brand ambassadors in curbing human trafficking.

The event was attended by women chairpersons of other states, child welfare department officials, police officers, voluntary organizations, students, and others.

Cases of human trafficking can be reported to the police number at 100, Women’s Helpline number 181, Women’s Commission WhatsApp number 9490555533, and childline number 1098.

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