Hyderabad: 128th Du-Ba-Du matrimonial alliance program held on August 6

Computer section facilitated online registration for parents

Hyderabad: The 128th Du-Ba-Du Mulaqat Program, aimed at facilitating matrimonial alliances for boys and girls, took place at Abid Ali Khan Centenary Hall, Siasat premises in Hyderabad. The event witnessed a significant turnout of parents and guardians seeking suitable matches for their loved ones.

Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor of Siasat Daily, personally inspected various counters and engaged in conversations with the attending parents. Dr. Muhammad Nazim Ali highlighted the concerns of parents who often search for matrimonial prospects through relatives and newspapers. Ilyas Basha expressed the need for more focus on boys’ education, as their percentage of enrollment is declining over time. Dr. Siyadat Ali urged the audience to remain composed amid the current challenges faced by India and urged Muslims to set an exemplary model for others, emphasising that individual change leads to broader societal transformation.

On the engineering counter, the profiles of boys currently employed in foreign countries such as Australia, Canada, United States, and Saudi Arabia were displayed on screen. Various counselors, including Dr. Nazim Ali, Amer, Syeda Mohammadi, Rais, Shahana, Dr. Durdana, Siddiq Ali, Taskeen, Saleh bin Abdullah, Lateef Asad, Amina, Kausar Jahan, Lateefunnisa, Sania, and Ashraf, assisted parents at the counters.

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Ahmed Basheeruddin Farooqui, Muhammad Azmatullah Khan, senior BRS and TRS Leader M.S. Sattar, as well as parents and relatives attending the program for the first time, conveyed their best wishes and appreciation for the initiative. The event garnered national importance as it provided parents with the opportunity to directly interact and discuss potential matrimonial alliances.

The computer section facilitated online registration for parents, allowing them to explore potential matches online through the Siasat Matri website (click here). The program was live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube, reaching audiences in Hyderabad, various districts, and even abroad.

Audiences who watched the program lauded its value, praising Siasat and Millat Fund for organizing such a meaningful and useful initiative that has long played a role in connecting Muslim boys and girls in matrimony. The program commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Ilyas Basha.

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