Hyderabad: 78-year-old man has collection of stamps, coins from over 200 countries

The man said he had also received a bronze medal in 2018 for exhibiting stamps issued by United Nations.

Hyderabad: Some people love to collect and preserve old stuff even though it goes out of trend to keep a sense of place and connection to the past. One such example is a 78-year-old Telangana man, who has a craze for collecting stamps, banknotes and coins.

Durga NB Dara, who is collecting stamps since high school, has coins and stamps from more than 200 countries that are as old as the 1800s.

Speaking to ANI, Dara said, “Since childhood, I had a fascination for different countries and their stamps. I started collecting since my high school and college days. My collection started with some stamps given by my brother. I used to collect them and stick them in an album. Later, I couldn’t peruse the hobby during my education and business.”

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He further said that about seven-eight years back, he joined the Hyderabad Philatelic and hobby association and restarted his interests.

“I took more interest in stamps, postcards, postal stationery, and more. I also participated in different exhibitions,” he said.

The 78-year-old man said he had also received a bronze medal in 2018 for exhibiting stamps issued by United Nations.

“I later on developed into collection into bank notes, coins, souvenir coins and commemorative coins. I have coins and stamps starting from the 1800s. I have banknotes and coins from more than 200 countries. I have stamps from around 300 countries. I am trying to develop a collection of a new theme based on stamps, notes and coins from the same country. I have been to Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and others for exhibitions. I will keep on exhibiting my work. I will keep collecting the stamps and notes as long as my health allows me,” Dara said.

Dara said that he mostly procures these from various hobby groups around the country using social media. “Today, every single place around the world has a Philatelic center,” he added.

The Philatelist further said that there are different stamps based on different themes like political leaders, heroes, monuments, heritage structures, birds, railways, automobiles and more.

“I have stamps in all themes. The same themes go with notes. However, most notes contain images of the leader of the country. Queen Elizabeth II is very popular in all banknotes around the world as they have ruled almost 70-80 countries. The hobby is nominal for people who start their collections. As you go up the ladder, things become tough. There are some rare stamps worth millions,” he added.

Ranganayakamma Dara, wife of Durga Dara said that for the past seven years her husband is into this field.

“From the past 7 years, he is picking up and growing in the field. It’s mainly because of his interest. He went to many countries to bring these stamps. He is very happy,” said his wife.

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