Hyderabad: EOW to take action against land-grabbers, land mafias

Hyderabad: The days of the land grabbers and land mafias in Hyderabad, who were harassing innocent people, are numbered now.

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The Cyberabad police have prepared a special plan to initiate action against those occupying properties and lands by preparing forged documents. Now the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) shall look into these land grabbing cases.

The City Police Commissioner has taken this initiative after many complaints of land grabbers harassing the public came to the police notice. In some cases, the police officials were also complicit in the land grabbing activities.  

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After initiating action against some guilty officers, the issue has been reviewed in-depth and decided to hand over the land grabbing cases to the EOW.

Now the EOW who was investigating fraud, money laundering and other forgery cases will also be investigating land grabbing cases. The police commissioner has consulted the experts who were well versed with the rules and regulations of the revenue and registration department.

 The Police commissionerate has taken this decision to give relief to the real owners of the land and to save them from the grip of the land mafias who through the manipulation of registration and revenue records and in complicity with some officials occupy the people’s land in the jurisdiction of Cyberabad.

In some cases, in addition to forging the property documents, the henchmen of land mafias gave threats to the real owners of the properties.

Police commissioner Stephen Ravindra said that strict action shall be taken against the land grabbers and land mafias to give relief to the people.

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