Hyderabad: Sympathizer records private videos of woman, arrested

Woman approached She Teams for help and got the accused arrested

Hyderabad: Police arrest a young man who uses to harass a woman in the name of sympathy. The accused by name Riyaz who use to supply mechanic for AC and geyser repair in the house took private pictures and videos of the victim with the help of a hidden camera and was harassing her to fulfill his sexual desire. Even though, the arrested youth and the victim woman were familiar with each other.

Seeking help from the man in the absence of her husband proved costly for the woman. Riyaz use to work in a leading mobile company and the victim ran a mobile shop in Alwal. She was looking for a mechanic to repair AC and geyser in her house. Riyaz, who used to visit the lady’s shop frequently, offers his help in her sympathy.

Riyaz took AC mechanic with him to the victim’s house and installed a hidden camera in the woman’s house. With the help of this camera, he recorded the private videos of the victim and started harassing the woman to fulfill his sexual desire. He allegedly threatened the woman that if she did not fulfill his sexual desire, he would kill her. According to the victim, he threatened her to prepare posters of her pictures and paste on neighbouring houses and to make the videos viral.

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The woman approached She Teams for help and got the accused arrested.

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