Hyderabad cops book 3K cases on day 1 of drive against wrongside-triple riding

The drive will continue for some more days at 25 spots where accidents were attributed to driving in the wrong direction.

Hyderabad: In its bid to thoroughly punish those breaking the traffic rules, particularly grave violators, the Hyderabad traffic police on Monday began a special drive against motorists who either drive on the wrong side of the road or have more than one direction or ride with more than one pillion.

On the first day, the traffic cops in the city booked 3000 cases for wrong side driving and 650 cases for triple-riding in the city.

The drive will continue for few more days at 25 spots where accidents were attributed to driving in the wrong direction.

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A fine of Rs 1700 was imposed for wrong-side driving and Rs 1200 for triple riding during special drives.

In this special drive, the traffic police will view serious violations like wrong-side driving, stop line crossing, triple riding, drunk driving and obstructing the carriageway and impose penalties.

The traffic police will book cases under Section 119/177 & 184 of the MV Act on those driving on the wrong side while those caught triple riding will be booked under Section 128/184 r/w 177 of MV Act.

Jt. Commissioner of Police (traffic) AV Ranganath told media persons that when the traffic police catch the violators for grave violations, the cops will check for unpaid traffic challans on the vehicle and collect the amount.

“It will be a deterrent for lawbreakers. The general public who follows the rules will not be harassed. However, they have to pay the pending challans after checking the ‘e-challan’ website,” he stated.

This year, 15 persons died in road accidents due to wrong-way while 21 deaths were reported due to this in 2021 and 15 in the year 2020. Due to triple riding, eight deaths were reported this year and 15 in the year 2021 and 24 in the year 2020.

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